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LKBIZONLINE is one of the most up-to-date, comprehensive business directories in Sri Lanka, which offers its users a unique opportunity to create your own website for FREE. We offer a range of value-for-money services for individuals, small businesses to large scale organizations. With a wider categorization covering 50 segments, we give our potential customers and users the diversity they require to make every visit a success.


The site provides a clear and easily navigable structure, keeping things simple, thus, enabling virtually anybody to create and maintain a profile, with no hassle. This simplicity ensures that you obtain the required information, with a minimum time and effort.


Create your business profile for FREE with LKBIZONLINE and watch your business grow, by attracting the right results. Complete the simple registration form and submit it. You can then continue to create the rest of your profile, add promotions and link with other members of the directory.


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